Red Tape Challenge

by Jessica Fleming

Businesses and individuals across the UK are being asked by the Government to nominate planning regulations that need to be simplified or removed as part of the Red Tape Challenge – comments are due by 7th March . Both the Suffolk and Norfolk Chambers of Commerce have reminded members about the importance of responding by the deadline.

If you are concerned about the issue do look this up and comment – planning laws are essential to maintain order and quality in our surroundings, but also suffer from bureaucratic creep and badly need to be simplified. And they cost a lot, not just for the businesses and individuals affected. County Councils are constantly engaged in writing and updating policies, strategies, sustainability appraisals and development plans which have assumed a mind boggling complexity and lack of relevance. Most of this work is done by consultants.

In terms of efficient use of our scarce locally generated revenues, I am sure if people knew of this waste they would be appalled.