About Us

Most people aren't overly bothered about politics. We've seen clever ideas for making a perfect society come and go. Our money has gone and we're no better off. It's no wonder people are fed up with politics.

We believe in a different sort of politics, founded in values that many of us share even if we don't think of ourselves as conservatives. We value diversity and independence of thought, it's not ideas that matter but whether they achieve good outcomes. Good ideas have good values at their heart.

  • We want politicians who will do the right thing, we can't watch them all the time. They should be guided by the values we share.
  • We want people to succeed in life, and not just in terms of money. We can't tell them what success should be, just ensure they have the freedom to find it.
  • We want to help those who cannot help themselves. Our help shouldn't take away from their opportunities to succeed in life.

Our members and supporters help keep us true to our values. In Central Suffolk and North Ipswich they have helped us to get elected a majority of politicians who are doing the right thing. We haven't been afraid to take action when they don't.

In addition to its political campaigns the Association organises a full calendar of social events within the constituency or locally in our branches. These events are open to all and can be found on the Events page of this web site.

The Association elects annually a Management Committee of Officers to manage the work of campaigning, organising constituency events and selecting council candidates.

The Executive Council is made up from the Management Committee, the Branch Officers and other representatives.

Our Branches have local committees and cover areas corresponding to the individual electoral wards or groups of wards. Branches work locally co-ordinating membership, organising events and campaigning and are the principal means of communication within the Association.


Our Values:

FREEDOM - We believe in giving every individual the freedom to achieve what's best for themselves, their friends and families, and their communities. Along with this goes the power to make a difference, which should be with the individuals, communities and enterprises that are affected. We want less interference from the state - freedom for individuals, families, voluntary groups and businesses.

RESPONSIBILITY - We think that the more you trust people, the more power and responsibility they are given, the stronger they and society become. Along with this we do have to maintain law and order, support the family, and protect our environment for future generations.

ENTERPRISE - We know that a strong economy gives everyone more opportunity and choice. Businesses thrive if taxation is fair and red tape is cut. We want to help the UK compete in the global economy.

NATION - We want to safeguard the Union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, maintain strong defence and uphold our right to national self-government.


Our History:

During it's long history The Conservative Party has passed through many phases and changes. For much of modern British history it has been the dominant governing UK party.

The Conservative Party has remained relevant because its programme and outlook have always changed along with our Society and the people within it. We are proud to have never been exclusively linked to any one issue, group or ideology.

If you share our values then why not join us? You will make a difference, however much you are able to help.

Today's Conservatives are diverse, caring, and open to new ideas.