Suffolk to invest in the Screen Industries

The UK film and television industry is a success story with a strong reputation for creativity, skilled people and businesses.  The evolving wider sector including content for websites and advertising can be termed “Screen Industries”.  This is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK economy and Suffolk is positioning itself to be a pillar of excellence in this growing market, beginning with a long term commitment to growing this sector in the county


The Film Office initiative has been developed by a collaboration of those working in the screen industries, and Suffolk’s local authorities.  This programme will:


·        Build on the existing community of Screen Industry professionals based in the county, fostering a cohesive and collaborative culture.


·        Promote Suffolk as a diverse, culturally rich and talented place with a beautiful landscape that can meet the needs of local, national and international Screen Industries.


·        Attract the Screen Industries to the region, and all associated disciplines, to further generate economic growth and inward investment.


·        Create a film friendly licensing and permissions process across Suffolk that is efficient, effective and ensures residents and businesses are able to support productions in Suffolk.


In 2014/15 there were 37% more productions shooting in the English regions and 25% more shooting days on location, compared to the previous year.


Suffolk is perfectly placed to benefit from this growing market and the county council, in partnership with other public sector leaders, wants to promote our county as a viable location for film production companies.  This is a great opportunity for young people in the county to access the creative sector right on their own doorstep and Suffolk will now be able to compete nationally to attract more of the industry to the county.


The Suffolk coast is already featuring highly as a desirable location for filming – it has played host to two major TV series – BBC’s Springwatch and BBC 4’s comedy drama The Detectorists.  The county’sbeautiful natural landscape, wealth of history and ease of access from London make it an ideal location for screen productions.”


Suffolk County Council will put a contract to tender out for this initiative in April.