Sizewell C

Sizewell C


A recent article in the 19th February’s EADT references a comment from a member of the public suggesting that the County Council may not have listened sufficiently to local people when pledging support in principle for the anticipated Sizewell C nuclear reactor near Leiston. I have written to the EADT to provide some background on the decision to support this project (letter was published on Friday 22nd February), the main points are as follows.


Locations for new nuclear plants have also been carefully considered and the best places are those with existing generators. If we had failed to support the project in principle it would need to have been on the basis of some most unusual circumstance, itself of national importance. Of course we have concerns about safety and disposal, but no substantive reasons were put forward to prevent us from adopting nuclear as one of our important future energy sources.


This project is needed for our future energy security. How the new infrastructure is put into place is vitally important, getting the details as right as possible, transport routes, construction plans, and ultimately, benefits. This is where community engagement is most meaningful, and opportunities for input continue.


The new plant will provide jobs, educational opportunities, better transport linkages, and energy security. It will help East Anglia to become known for leadership in engineering and technology. The stakes are high for all of us to support and shape this project and be part of its success.


Jessica Fleming

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