New health campaign launched to keep Suffolk residents healthier and living longer

Launched by Public Health England, One You aims to help adults avoid future diseases caused by modern day life by making changes to everyday habits.  The new One You campaign will help Suffolk adultsto move more, eat well, drink less and be smoke free. One You will also provide information on how people can reduce their stress levels and sleep better.


The campaign starts with a call to take part in a new online health quiz called ‘How Are You’, which provides personalised recommendations based on your results. It can also signpost people to tools and advice to take action where it’s most needed.


For more information and to take the ‘How Are You’ online quiz, visit or search for ‘One You’ online


This campaign is about setting realistic goals; it is a real opportunity to join millions of others around the country to make small changes to look and feel healthier. This can pay dividends in the longer term and can make all the difference to how well we feel in day-to-day life.


The 2015 Annual Public Health Report, entitled Is prevention better than the cure? focuses on measures that the Suffolk population can take to lead healthier lives over the next five to 10 years to prevent longer term ill health. Its main focus is to maximise the years of healthy life expectancy so that we’re not just living longer lives, but also healthier lives.


The scale of the campaign is unprecedented and includes new public and commercial partnerships with Amazon, Asda, BBC Get Inspired, Slimming World and the Armed Forces. This will see One You in every community, on every high street, in local health services, on websites and in social media.



Please be sure to spread the word out in your own communities - it is never too late to get your health back on track.