Further indication of improvement at Suffolk Schools

Across the county, 108 schools have received a positive “Green” rating, 31 more than in 2014 (equivalent to 11% improvement in top-rated schools). This year has also seen a significant reduction in the number of schools where there is concern that support may be needed to help ensure students achieve good results. In 2015 a total of 83 schools were rated “Red”, down from 90 in the previous year (equivalent to a 3 per cent improvement).  The annual risk ratings conducted by SCC help improve education in several ways. These include identifying good practice in schools that can be shared with others, and schools that will benefit from support to secure rapid improvement in learning by pupils.


The growing number of schools with Green risk ratings is further proof of the really good progress being made in improving education in Suffolk. Standards are consistently improving, and are now better than nationally in some respects. Through our Raising the Bar programme we have set ambitious targets to ensure every child in Suffolk can achieve their full potential, and will continue to work hard until this is achieved.