County Council progress the campaign for A12 Four-Village Bypass

This project, commonly known as the ‘A12 Four Village Bypass’, is an infrastructure priority for the county council. Suffolk Coastal District Council will also discuss proposals to contribute £50,000 towards the support of the business case at a future cabinet meeting. Following a public enquiry in 1995, the Government accepted recommendations that this road should be developed to alleviate the constraints and impact of traffic on this stretch of the A12. In 2001, the road became the responsibility of SCC and the bypass concept remains the authority’s preferred development option if the funding can be secured. The current estimated cost ranges from £45m to £105m, depending on the carriageway provision that is made. The future business case to be discussed with the government will consider both options.

With the government keen to develop the county’s infrastructure, we are fighting hard to ensure that vital schemes in Suffolk secure the funding they need.  To meet the timescales involved in delivering this project ahead of the potential building of Sizewell C, we need to act now and build a strong case.  We will continue talking to  MPs, New Anglia LEP and the government, with a view to presenting our case to the Secretary of State as soon as possible.